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What If You Didn't Have To Spend Hours
Doing Your Books Each Month?

My experience with Summit eCommerce Advisors has been fantastic, literally unbelievable.

I'm a very thorough person, and when it came to doing the bookkeeping for my e-comm store, I'd go through every single order, write every number down on an Excel Spreadsheet, and this task took me forever, literally a full working day, 9-10 hours per month.

Now, because of Summit, things have changed. I don’t have to spend all that time, and I actually can feel confident there aren't any typos or mistakes. And it’s unbelievable how organized my books are. It's been a game changer.

I cannot explain how much I recommend Summit eCommerce Advisors to everyone interested in running an organized business and staying up to date!

Gian B., Business Owner

Save Yourself Hours, Get More Done

Get your bookkeeping done for you!

Bookkeeping Isn't Just About Your Taxes

Maybe… IF you have to figure it all out on your own.

Have you experienced any of the following?

It's About Solving Your Problems

How is your business doing?

Do you have a vague idea, or do you know the whole story?

Do you know where to focus your energy for the greatest impact?

It's About Relieving Your Stress

Running a business is stressful.

Unanswered questions take up mental bandwidth.

Unanswered questions nag at you, creating anxiety.

The Summit Story

Our Founder Learned The Hard Way

Isaac Smith

Co-Founder of Summit eCommerce Advisors

I struggled with bookkeeping for years. Even though I owned a profitable eCommerce business.

Early on, it was overwhelming. I knew I was “supposed to” do it for taxes, but I had no idea how.

I hired a bookkeeper from Upwork, but that ended badly. Then I hired a US-based accounting firm. With them, my books were “getting done.” But I didn’t understand the reports they gave me, or their explanations. It was really frustrating.

And shockingly, the accountants couldn’t answer simple questions I had, like

“Where is the money actually going?”

“Why doesn’t my bank balance reflect your reports?”

Plus, their reports always seemed wrong, but I could never figure out why. So I fired them, and hired another accounting firm. The results were the same.

After years of this, I was fed up. I decided to answer my own questions. I dove in, and I went deep.

What were the results?

I learned to do all the reporting, and answer my questions. But the most surprising result was that the stress melted away!

By knowing my actual business performance, there was no more wondering. I knew how much money I could take out of my business for my family, without the fear that I would cause a big problem later.

That’s when I learned that bookkeeping was about more than just taxes.

In March of 2019, I sold my primary eCommerce business. With my new freedom, I decided to give back to the eCommerce community that helped me along the way.

So, I started helping others with their books, without asking for anything in return.

Their response surprised even me.

They couldn’t believe I could solve their problems so easily. They thought the stress of uncertainty was just part of running a business.

While we talked, I watched their faces change in amazement. That told me I needed to help as many people as I could, to find the peace that I have.

Summit eCommerce Advisors was born. I learned the hard way so you don’t have to!

Jason Snider

Co-Founder of Summit eCommerce

My new bookkeeping company grew so quickly that I needed help!

At a local entrepreneurs’ meetup, a long time friend surprised me by giving excellent advice on running the business. So I asked – “how do you know so much about bookkeeping businesses?”

“Oh, I used to run bookkeeping businesses,” he said!

I knew Jason as a digital marketing entrepreneur, with experience in eCommerce. I didn’t know that he had more than 20 years of experience in bookkeeping.

I asked him to talk more, and discovered that his vision was remarkably similar to mine. So we decided to become partners.

Jason understands entrepreneurs. And he knows that bookkeeping is often baffling to business owners.

His favorite compliment has always been: “You make my finances so understandable! I finally know what’s going on in my business!”

Together, we’re leading the charge to bring financial clarity to eCommerce businesses like never before.

We used to spend hours and hours...

keeping our own detailed books, and it started to fall by the wayside because of how much time it was taking.

Summit eCommerce Advisors not only save me and my team hours of bookkeeping, their reports also allow us to see the information we need in a moment's notice

Saxon F., Business Owner

Summit was a business saver and sanity saver for me.

I have nothing but praise for them. I was pulling my hair out and wasting way too much valuable time trying to figure out my finances on my own. I resorted to paying an accountant & bookkeeping service way too much, and even then none of it seemed accurate and still did not make any sense to me.

Then I found Summit. I now have easy access to my financial information. I understand my books now, and I don't have all that headache.

It's like magic! I highly recommend Summit eCommerce Advisors to anyone.

Tommy H., Business Owner

Get Your Sanity Back!

Let Isaac and Jason’s team take care of your books for you.

Questions Summit eCommerce Advisors Can Answer For You

Why doesn’t your bank balance match what your P&L says?

Your bottom line shows a nice profit, but why isn’t it in the bank?

Does your bank account have too much or too little cash? Why?

Where is your money ACTUALLY going?

Why does it seem like your cash just disappears?

How much money are you REALLY making each month?

What’s your bottom line profit after all expenses?

How much should you set aside for paying suppliers or buying more inventory?

Are you worried you won’t be able to pay for the next round of inventory?

If you’re drop shipping, can you pay for all the orders you’ve taken?

Are your sales profitable?

How much are you making at the order or SKU level?

Will you be ready to sell your business?

A prospective buyer will inspect your books. Are they clean and trustworthy?


See below for more information on selling your business.

How much can you pay yourself without causing problems?

Do you pay yourself regularly? Or just when you think you can?

Does it drive your spouse crazy?

We can help you both keep your sanity.

Get These Questions Answered And More!

If you're getting overwhelmed, don't worry.
There is an answer! But...

Software Alone Isn't The Answer.

Software won’t do it for you.

Accounting software is built to work for companies of all kinds.

You’ll still need to learn how to use it, and apply it to your situation.

And even then, you’re still stuck doing the work for hours each month.

Regular Accountants Aren't The Answer.

Our founder learned this the hard way.

Most bookkeepers and accountants don’t know anything about eCommerce.

Regular accountants will give you confusing reports.

They aren’t able to answer your pressing questions.

Summit eCommerce Advisors Bookkeeping
Service Is The Answer!

Here's how it works.

You spend your time working on your business.

When you run an eCommerce company, there’s always so much to do –

customer service, optimizing your website, managing your team, marketing

and sales, launching your next great product, etc.

Summit eCommerce Advisors does your books.

We’ll take care of your books, giving you peace of mind. Each month, you’ll get a report with all your financials.

We’ll explain your finances to you in a way that you’ll understand. And you’ll be able to use that information to grow your business to new heights!

We are eCommerce business owners.

We know what you need.

We use Xero.

Xero is hands-down the best online accounting platform. With Xero, all your financial information will be in one, secure place. It’s trusted by accountants and financial advisors worldwide.

Click here to learn more about Xero and why we use it exclusively as our general ledger platform.

The amount of value packed into Summit eCommerce is insane!

I've been running an e-commerce store for the past 2 years, and up until now, I've been manually entering EVERY SINGLE order into a spreadsheet to determine my profitability. And by entering orders, I mean a whole list of info, like date, order #, products ordered, COGS, taxes, etc., etc., etc. And on top of that, I was manually cross-checking my credit card statement with invoices, which was time consuming on its own!

Because of the time involved and the monotony, I would always find myself months behind on my books - and most likely letting hundreds of dollars (or more) possibly slip through the cracks.

This is a game-changer on a very important business task. I'd wouldn't recommend any other service out there!

Matt M., Business Owner

Do You Plan To Sell Your Business Someday?

The very first step is making sure your books are clean and accurate.

Any buyer or broker will require financial reports for the life of your business – it’s the first thing they’ll ask for.

You can start now, or do it all at once later, when it’s a bigger pain.

The very first step is making sure your books are clean and accurate.

We’ve seen it happen at the 11th hour.


The deal is almost ready to go through, and the buyer finds

an error… whoops.

Give your buyer (and yourself) confidence in your deal.

Command a solid asking price, and be confident that your

business is ACTUALLY worth it.


Exude confidence because you know there’s nothing

squishy. No wiggle room.


Speak with authority about your business. You’ve built a

valuable asset.

Get Ready To Sell Your Business!

I have much more peace of mind, now that my books are in order.

Before Summit eCommerce, I was always playing catch up with my books. The more time had passed since the last update, the longer it took to fix, and the less confidence I had in my numbers.

I'm very glad I found this service when I did!

Allan P., Business Owner

Ready To Have Our Team Do Your Bookkeeping?