Build A Rockstar Team Without The Trial & Error

We’ve ALMOST TRIPLED since I was on my own.

- Wad Ali

Why You Need A Rockstar Team

You work too much.

You don’t remember what it’s like to have a hobby.

You want to take a REAL vacation.

(One you’re not working half the time, and distracted the rest.)

You know you can’t keep this up, or you’ll BURN OUT.

You gave yourself a job.

You wanted freedom, but you’ve boxed yourself in.

The income is nice, but now you can’t stop.

And you don’t even like this job.

You had a dream, but it seems far away now.

Your growth has slowed.

You (and your team) have reached your limit.

Your early hustle built this business. Now you’re maintaining.

You spend all your time working IN your business.

You know you need to work ON your business.

But there is hope!

You built something amazing!

Not everyone could have done that!

Your problems are temporary.

Your dream is closer than you realize.

You just need the roadmap.

Work Less AND Make More

By Building A Rockstar Team

Hire A-Players.

A-Players don’t need (or want) to be micromanaged.

They’re driven to achieve on their own.

They don’t need you to check on them constantly.

Get OUT of the day-to-day.

Your rockstar team’s got it handled.

Now you can spend your time working ON your business.

Imagine spending all day on GROWTH.

Give them OBJECTIVES, not tasks.

Don’t tell your team where to click!

Tell them what they need to accomplish.

And let them GET STUFF DONE!

Focus on GROWING your business.

What could you accomplish if you weren’t in your email all day?

If you could spend that time launching new products,

creating new marketing campaigns, developing new partnerships…


Easier Said Than Done?

Maybe… IF you have to figure it all out on your own.

Have you experienced any of the following?

You want to hire, but…

You don’t know where to start.

You’ve posted a job and were overwhelmed with applicants.

You Interviewed people who were obviously not qualified.

You don’t know how to pick the A-Player needle from the haystack.

You built a small team, but…

You’re still constantly catching mistakes, which YOU fix… after hours.

They have to be told every little thing, things they should know by now.

You answer the same questions over and over.

You’re still TRAPPED working IN your business.

You hired a virtual assistant who...

Disappeared after 2 weeks.

Just can’t get things right.

You had to eventually fire.

You kept on months longer than you should have.

You’re afraid to get burned again.

You just don’t have time to try and fail again.

You get a little better each time, but you’re tired of trial and error.

You’re frustrated by the slow progress.

You’re ready for the SHORTCUT!

“Just hire a VA,” they said! Ha!

Are You Ready For The Shortcut?

What if there was a repeatable process that consistently…

Attracted top tier A-Players?

Filtered out all the B, C… and F players automatically?

And you ONLY talked with the very, very best?

What if you could…

Tap into your team’s inner drive?

Have a team that’s ON FIRE to do great work and grow your business?

Build loyalty so fierce you’ll feel guilt about the power you wield?

I’ve probably SAVED MYSELF A YEAR of trial and error with this process.

I was not expecting this level of hire on my first time through. Before this process, I was getting a little better each time I hired on my own.

I hired somebody full time, and he’s in a totally different ball game from who I’ve been working with so far. He’s BLOWING MY MIND with what he’s able to do WITHOUT my assistance.

In his first week, he came back every day with something that I didn’t even think of. He’s taken the way I’ve done something and improved it.

- Joe Serrao

The Summit Story

Our Co-Founder Made All The Mistakes, So You Don’t Have To

Isaac Smith

Co-Founder of Summit eCommerce Advisors

After my fourth full-time hire in a row failed, I was demoralized.

“What’s wrong with me?”

I wondered. My first virtual assistant (VA) started out doing great. But over time, his performance declined.

I had a heart-to-heart talk with him. He understood he needed to improve. And he did… for a while. Then his performance dropped again.

This pattern repeated itself for several months.

Finally, after 11 months, I let him go. It was painful, starting over – one year after I started hiring, no further than I was before.

I wish I could say I learned my lesson. Unfortunately, my attitude was –

“That guy sucked. I just need to try again.” And I continued hiring the wrong people.

Which brings me to that low moment. It took total failure to realize I needed to completely rethink my approach.

“What am I doing wrong? How can I attract, hire, and keep top talent?” …

Several months later, I hired my first A-Player. She was ON FIRE, driven. She told me in the interview –

“I can see you’re building something different and exciting. I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this for years.”

Buuut… her requested pay was out of my budget. She was overqualified.

“It doesn’t matter. I HAVE TO be part of this company,” she said.

And she negotiated her salary DOWN.

Let that sink in. …

Have you ever heard of someone ASKING for LOWER pay? Why would anyone do that?

Only one reason – they’re so excited, passionate, aligned with the company mission and values… there’s an opportunity that they can’t find anywhere else.

And her salary was not the most important thing. Here’s what was –

She was a phenomenal, long term team member. She brought passion to my business, and acted like a business owner.

Our customers were HER customers. They loved her. And yes, we made more money.

Eventually I sold that business, and she continued working with the new owner.

It sold for a higher multiple than similar ecom businesses. She was a big reason why.

Years later, I (and now business owners like you) have used this same

process to consistently hire top-tier, game-changing talent.

It's easy, it works, and you can do it too.

Just follow the simple steps.

– Isaac Smith

I’ve been on VACATION MODE for a while, since I’ve made this new hire.

The business has been running pretty smoothly with me just doing some check-ins.

Now I have all this time to focus on NEEDLE-MOVING items - instead of putting out fires left and right. Now I can actually plan out what I need to do, and know that I’ll have the time to do it.

And it’ll get done, versus having my attention go in a thousand different directions.

I’m EXCITED for the next year.

- Joe Serrao

A Simple Process

With Simple Steps To Build Your Rockstar Team

Hire A-Players.

1. Attract the perfect candidate.

2. Filter the noise.

3. Test for competence and fit.

Get The Best From Them

1. Share your vision.

2. Provide opportunity for growth.

3. Then get out of their way!

That’s it.

It’s easy, it works, and you can do it too.

This new hire is blowing my mind!

I'm legitimately SHOCKED at just how ON FIRE my new VA is.

I just CANNOT BELIEVE IT! She is just on another level.

I couldn't have found someone like this without this process.

- Samantha Wu

Ready To Build Your Rockstar Team?

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Ready to start working ON your business?

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It’s been amazing!

I especially love how thorough you are.

You talk theory but you back it up with practical real life examples, and practical real life steps to get it done.

- Samantha Wu